TapirLink and Wildbook for Whale Sharks

Certain data from Wildbook for Whale Sharks are shared with other biology and ecology portals, such as the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and Fishbase. This sharing occurs at regular intervals via an installed TapirLink provider. Information shared fits the basic DarwinCore and Geospatial Extension specifications. The specifications map cleanly to the base “Encounter” data structure displayed in Wildbook.

Wild Mw, after consulting with some of its users, has adopted these restrictions on shared data:

  • Publicly submitted data is shared by default
  • Users with login access can manage which encounters are shared
  • Photos are not shared due to copyright restrictions
  • Spot pattern data is not shared to protect ongoing research initiatives
  • Individual shark identifications are not shared to protect ongoing research initiatives
  • Data is shared with the following restriction listed in the metadata: “Original photos and extracted spot patterns withheld. Please contact info@whaleshark.org regarding usage permissions.” Requests for usage of data submitted by users with login access will be routed to the library user for the ultimate decision.
  • Wild Me as a general policy, but without strict enforcement, will not share via TapirLink publicly submitted data for the current calendar year as a precaution to protect this vulnerable species. Individual users retain the right to decide which encounters to share.

Changing an encounter's TapirLink status

Sharing status (true/false) can be modified from the individual encounter page. The following form in the Action/Edit bar of the page allows logged in users to modify the encounter's visibility via TapirLink.

A value of true indicates the encounter is available for sharing via TapirLink. A value of false indicates the encounter is not available for sharing. By default, this value is set to true when an encounter is approved.

Suggesting a change to this policy

Changes to this policy are ultimately decided by the Directors of Wild Me after appropriate discussion with the user base. To suggest changes, send an email to: webmaster at whaleshark dot org

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