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Wildbook for Whale Sharks offers the following capabilities to search through submitted data.

The Encounter Search allows you to search through whale shark sightings reported through Wildbook. You can filter the search according to:

  • approved, rejected, or unapproved status of the encounter
  • sex
  • identification status and minimum number of sightings of the shark
  • length
  • location
  • location ID
  • submitter or photographer name
  • date range

Results are also displayed in Google Maps for those reports where GPS coordinate were provided.

Figure 1. Google Maps result for an encounter search.

Data export

The Encounter Search allows filtered results to be exported in two formats:

  • Excel with columns corresponding to Darwin Core values (Administrators only)
  • Google Earth KML file (Google Earth version 5 or higher). Only encounters with reported GPS coordinates are added to the KML file.

Google Earth export options

Wildbook provides one Google Earth export option: “Add a timestamp to the KML to animate on a timeline”. if the checkbox for this option is checked, the exported KML file will contain time data that allows you to play through sightings along a timeline in Google Earth 5+. The timeline starts at the date of the earliest sighting (with GPS coordinates) in the filtered results and ends with the date of the last encounter (with GPS coordinates).

Figure 2. Google Earth with timeline displayed for encounters with timestamps

Google Earth export icons

Three colors of icons are displayed in Google Earth results: blue for males, pink for females, and white for whale shark encounters of unknown sex. Some icons may also have a number in them. This number represents the shark length (rounded to the nearest whole meter) for the sighting, if reported.

Figure 3. Google Earth icons for whale shark sightings interpreted as: male, female, unknown sex, and 7 meter female.

Sightings Calendar






Third-party Search Mechanisms

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