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Field Manual: Overview

Welcome to the Wildbook for Whale Sharks User Community!


This wildbook is an Internet-based software application for cooperative whale shark research. The primary purpose of this wildbook is to increase our understanding of whale sharks on a global and local level and to promote related conservation efforts through high quality research and scholarship. On a purely functional level, the Library is used to collect, protect, store, and share whale shark mark-recapture data gathered from a variety of individuals and institutions worldwide.

A full list of the features of Wildbook is available here.

Purpose of this Field Station Manual

The purpose of this field manual is to document the standard operating procedures that are required to ensure proper and consistent data collection, processing, and analysis. The intended audience for this document includes:

  • current users managing whale shark encounter data
  • prospective users seeking to understand how the Library operates
  • external reviewers seeking an in-depth look our operations

For more information about this manual, please contact: info at whaleshark dot org

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