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Library Access Policy

This policy defines who may be given access to this wildbook and how access may be requested.


Wildbook for Whale Sharks is privately funded and managed by Wild Me, a 501c3 non-profit organization in the United States. This wildbook provides standardized research software and analytical techniques for the study of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus). Access to this resource is provided free of charge to individuals or organizations selected according to the criteria of this policy. The number of new accounts that can be provided each year is limited by:

  • available resources to support existing users
  • available resources for existing whale shark research efforts.

Requesting access

Requests for access should be sent via email to: webmaster at whaleshark dot org

In the request, please state:

  • Your research objectives
  • The organization you represent (if appropriate)
  • The Wildbook tools and data that could benefit your research
  • How much data you have already collected for your research
  • Your qualifications.

Request review

Requests for access are reviewed by Directors of Wild Me within 60 days. The Directors may also request outside assistance in reviewing your application.

The directors weigh these and other criteria when reviewing a request for access:

  • Your ability and willingness to contribute new whale shark data
  • Your ability and willingness to follow the analytical techniques used in this Wildbook
  • Your ability and willingness to develop new techniques for whale shark research
  • Your ability and willingness to develop new science for other fields using whale shark data
  • Your ability and willingness to use whale shark data collaboratively
  • available resources to properly support you.

The final decision for a request is made by a majority decision of the Wild Me Board of Directors. Responses are provided via email. The Board wishes to acknowledge in advance that not all valid requests for access can be approved due to limitations on available resources.

By invitation

The Directors of Wild Me may choose to invite appropriate individuals to participate without a formal request for access. Invitations for access are reviewed in accordance with the criteria defined above.

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